About Me


Welcome friends.  My name is Effie and I am utterly infatuated with baking and the study of this most delicious craft.  I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, lawyer, lifelong baker and most recently, a contestant on the American Baking Competition.  I am also a habitually sleep-deprived baking-science nerd who is a type A perfectionist trapped in the body of a type B adventurer.

Baking is a science and my goal for this blog is to focus on the foundations of baking.  With each post I will highlight a technique along with a recipe that features it.  If you come across an unfamiliar term, simply click it and you will be greeted with its definition and a corresponding picture.

The most important thing you need to know about me is that I am not perfect.  Shocking, I know!  Here is the thing, every food blog I have ever come across has the most delicious and perfect pictures imaginable and this one will be no different.  HOWEVER, the reason the pictures look so scrumptious is that I have had almost 40 years of baking failures under my belt and I have learned from every single one.  I promise to walk you through each and every step of a bake and that you will have more information than you ever wanted or hoped for.  Still, baking disasters happen.  All.  The.  Time. 

I guarantee at some point you will burn a bake because you were head first in the depth of the washer getting that last random sock out.  You will have the joy of turning whipped cream into butter because you were in the midst of responding to one child’s math question while simultaneously trying to keep your toddler from climbing up your leg like it was Mount Everest as you respond to a client’s email on your phone.  Do you know what happens then?  Absolutely nothing, other than a wonderful happenstance that has you switching baking gears to bake a loaf of bread for that most beautiful fresh butter you just made.  If a cake falls apart, no worries, make a trifle or crumble it up with frosting and create cake pops.   A soufflé unceremoniously disintegrates into a flat lifeless heap, take heart, simply top with fresh seasonal fruit, dust with powdered sugar and you have the best baked pancake of your life.

I love this.  I truly do.  I want you to love it too.  Trust me, my baking failures have been epic, but then so have my highs.  The moral of this baking story: at some point you will fail at baking, then you will learn from it and finally be amazing at it.  I promise.  I am simply here to guide your journey and make that learning curve a bit shorter, a lot easier and so much more fun!