Would you like fries with that? A Brownie Burger Bake.

Would you like fries with that? A Brownie Burger Bake.

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Every summer right around this time, the kids and I huddle in a secretive corner of the house and deliberate on what would be THE best father’s day gift ever! Not another tie. Definitely not another grilling contraption. While the latter suggestion was quickly dismissed, it did lead to a discussion about how much daddy loves to grill. That was how these little Brownie Burger Sliders, decadent brownies sandwiched in between two vanilla wafer buns, served with a side of sugar cookie fries were born.  This is the perfect recipe to make with the kids. They will love being in the kitchen to help make dad’s day truly special. These are also fantastic for the 4th of July, picnics and April Fool’s Day.

Assembling the Brownie Burgers

Bake up these Vanilla Wafers and when they are cooled try to match like-sized cookie. Here I have two sizes of “buns,” a slider size and an itty bitty mini burger size.FIXED IMG_0078Now you need to grab that pan of chocolaty heaven in the form of this brownie recipe.  Use a round cookie cutter in a size equivalent to your “buns” and cut out the brownie “burger patties.”  This is the perfect project for your child’s little hands.FIXED IMG_0153Now it’s time to slather on the condiments.  The ketchup and mustard are a simple glaze that are made by mixing 1 ½ cups (171 g) powdered sugar with 2 tablespoons of whole milk and colored with red and yellow food coloring.  Whisk the sugar and the milk together until smooth and divide equally into two bowls.  Using toothpicks, add a little bit of food coloring at a time until the desired ketchup red and mustard yellow are achieved.  I solicited four very eager little hands to assist with this part.FIXED IMG_0105To make the lettuce use a toothpick to paint the inside of a sandwich-size ziplock bag with some green food coloring.  Add in ½ cup of coconut flakes, seal the bag and hand it to a nearby little one for some coloring fun!  Simply have them rub the coconut around in the bag and after a minute or so you will have perfect lettuce for your brownie burger and no green food coloring on your kitchen walls. FIXED IMG_0123This is the best part, putting it all together.  Pour the glazes into either a pastry bag or ziplock bag and cut a small opening at the tip.  Now place a brownie pattie on a vanilla wafer bun and top it with the condiments.  This is my son’s favorite part of this entire bake!FIXED IMG_0168And just like that, all the pieces come together and you have a tasty treat that looks just like a hamburger.FIXED IMG_0187Add a side of these fries and it becomes the Happiest Meal imaginable.



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