Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Ganache

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Chocolate ganache is a magical ingredient that is absolutely transformative and a culinary weapon that you can yield to create a number of luscious chocolate indulgences. However, the singular determinate of how delectable this two ingredient goodness turns out is the quality of the chocolate you use. There is nothing finer in all the South than the chocolate artisanally produced and freshly stone ground at the incomparable Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co., and that is what I’m using for this recipe.OS8I have had the pleasure of imbibing on every swoon worthy flavor of this Artisan Southern Chocolate, yet I had not taken the factory tour. So, when a rare Saturday afternoon free of work, children’s activities and commitments presented itself, the kids and I seized the opportunity to do just that.  (Yes, I understand this is not the correct use of the term imbibing, however, since I do not partake in alcohol, this is an indulgence that I would venture to guess produces similar euphoric effects and takes you to a world where your worries melt away much in the same manner my preferred 75% Sea Salt magically melts in my mouth.) 

As a connoisseur of chocolate for more years than I care to share with you my dear friends, I thought I knew chocolate, but after taking this tour, I stand enlightened. Here, our knowledgeable and all-around-awesome tour guide, Rogers, explains the process of extracting the cocoa nibs.OS1One of the most interesting portions of the tour was actually seeing the cocoa nibs being ground. I can’t begin to describe how intoxicating that chocolate aroma was as it wafted all around us with every turn of that wheel.OS2After completing the tour, the kids and I stocked up on some beautiful bars, and I added a few extra of the 67% to make this silky ganache.OS4While perhaps simple in ingredients and technique, this concoction of chocolate and heavy cream is a base for many delectable applications. A simple adjustment of the cream to chocolate ratio will produce chocolate sauce, glaze, truffles, tart filling and even airy and luscious whipped frosting.


½   cup (118 milliliters/4 ounces) heavy cream

½   cup (113 grams/4 ounces) semisweet chocolate, finely chopped

How to use them:

Heat the cream in a small pot on medium heat until it just begins to come to a boil. The best way to visually recognize the moment right before the cream begins to boil is to look for small bubbles forming all around the pot and steam beginning to rise from the center of the pot. Just before the boiling point, take the pot off the stove and immediately pour the cream over the melted chocolate.OS5Gently whisk the chocolate and cream until the mixture is smooth, glossy and no streaks of cream are visible.OS6 The ganache is now ready to use in your favorite dessert as a topping, glaze, frosting, filling, truffles, etc., or my personal preference, as a late night treat when all are tucked in asleep and I have a few rare moments to myself, watching a cooking show and eating it straight out of the bowl! Shhhhhhhhh……that’s our little secret.

If unlike me however, you do have the will power to not eat it all in one sitting, the ganache may be stored in an airtight container and refrigerated for up to a week.

P.S.: I was in no way compensated for the glowing adjectives used herein. I simply believe to produce a fine end product you must use the finest, freshest and in season ingredients available to you and that’s precisely what I have done here.

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    • Dearest Hauwa,
      Thank you so much for visiting the blog and your question! Ganache, both whipped and un-whipped is rather soft and so I usually don’t pipe with it. However, if you would like to have a pipeable ganache, then you can follow the same instructions, however increase your chocolate to cream ratio. So rather than a 1:1 ratio, increase it to a 2:1 chocolate to cream ratio, meaning you double the amount of chocolate in this recipe. I hope this helps!
      Merci for reaching out!


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