pan preparation technique

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Preparing the pans for baking is a crucial part of the baking process. It’s a technique that once mastered will become a habit every time you bake. There is nothing more disappointing than baking a perfect cake only to have it stick and fall apart when you try to take it out of the pan. Trust me, I’ve been there! It’s not fun. 

First size the parchment paper, I prefer the unbleached variety, by simply placing it in the cake pan, scoring the edges with you finger and then cutting along that indentation.  panprep1The next step is to butter the pan, which is my personal preference, or you may spray it with vegetable oil. panprep2Line the bottoms with the cut parchment paper. Lastly, butter or spray the pan once again to coat the parchment paper and the edges of the pan as well.panprep3This is the pan preparation technique that I use each time I bake and it never fails. 

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