stages of sugar cooking

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IMG_8822There are 7 stages of cooking sugar.

Thread:  Cooked to 230° to 234°. The syrup spins a soft, loose, short thread.

Soft Ball:  Cooked to 234° to 240°.  The syrup forms a soft, pliable, sticky ball.

Firm Ball:  Cooked to 244° to 248°. The syrup forms a firm, but still pliable, sticky ball.

Hard Ball:  Cooked to 250° to 265°. The syrup forms a hard, sticky ball.

Soft Crack:  Cooked to 270° to 290°. The syrup forms longer strands that are firm, but yet remain pliable.

Hard Crack:  Cooked to 300° to 310°. The syrup forms stiff strands that are firm and brittle.

Caramel:  Cooked to 320° to 338°. The syrup changes color, ranging from a light golden to a dark amber brown. It forms hard strands that are firm and brittle.

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