Peach Lemon Pâte de Fruit

Peach Lemon Pâte de Fruit

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I love summer, and The Peach Truck epitomizes the reason why: lovely, sweet, juicy, delectable, seasonal, fresh picked summer fruit. I picked  up some Georgia peachy goodness at the incomparable Barista Parlor, deliciously alluring in its own right with its swoon worthy coffee and divine delectables. Oh my goodness, how I do love my Nashville.  PeachPateDeFruit5By the way, much gratitude to The Peach Truck for the use of the photo above. Mine was somehow “accidentally” erased and replaced with Minecraft screenshots by one of two children who each dramatically and profusely declared “but mom, it wasn’t me!!!!!!” as they were unceremoniously stripped of their phone playing privileges.

Back to the peaches! I wanted to do these peaches justice by utilizing them in a way that highlighted their pure, intense, Southern sun-ripened flavor without anything else, like a crust or crumble, competing for the spotlight. I immediately thought of Pâte de Fruit! This French jelly candy is the most intense and gratifying bite of fruit jelly you will ever have. Here, the peach proudly takes center stage and the lemon is a lovely companion and balance to the sweetness.

The recipe is the same one I use for my Strawberry Lime Pâte de Fruit. I simply swapped peach for the strawberry, and lemon for the lime. You can practically feel the juice dripping down your chin as the soft ripe flesh gently gives way to the slightest pressure from the knife gliding through these peaches. I knew from the moment I cut into them, that these jellies were going to be insanely delicious and I was right!PeachPateDeFruit6Now comes my favorite part of the process. That moment when you know the jelly has set and as you begin to measure the perfect line and guide your knife through the first cut. The aroma of fresh picked peaches fills the air and the memory of the moment is quickly tucked away for when you need a sweet reminder of sunny summer days.PeachPateDeFruit1Now, these saffron colored gems that have an utterly magical texture that is all at once perfectly firm and velvety soft, await their turn for a plunge into a sugar bath. This helps the jellies from sticking to everything, including one another, and gives a needed textural counterpoint to the softness. 

PeachPateDeFruit3Now comes the moment when you close your eyes, take a bite and savor the last bits of summer….



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