Rhubarb Tangerine Frangipane Tart

Rhubarb Tangerine Frangipane Tart

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I have a secret to share: I have never had rhubarb and the extent of my rhubarb experience has been limited to the jingle on A Prairie Home Companion… “Bepob-a-rebop rhubarb pie.”  I am fully aware that mastery of a NPR radio show jingle does not make one an expert on rhubarb.  So when I was met with a kaleidoscope of stunning pink, red and green hues on perfect seasonal stalks of fresh rhubarb, I knew it was about time that I discovered rhubarb and baked into something beautiful.  The pâte sucrée tart shell layered with tangerine macerated rhubarb that is nestled in luscious frangipane with an equally delicious history, was the manifestation of this inspiration.

This recipe begins with this pâte sucrée tart shell.  Make the pâte sucrée recipe and blind bake the tart shell for just the initial bake as it will be baked once again when the filling is added.  While the tart shell is baking, prepare the tart filling.

Rhubarb Filing


3     large stalks of fresh seasonal rhubarb, preferably of equal width

½   cup sugar

1      organic tangerine, juice and zest

How to Use Them:

Wash and clean the rhubarb thoroughly, trimming off approximately ½ inch from the top and bottom of the stalks.  Cut the rhubarb stalks on a 45 degree angel about a ¼ inch wide. FIXED IMG_9443Zest the tangerine prior to juicing and reserve the zest for the frangipane.  It is extremely important to try and use organic when using the zest of the fruit as to avoid the chemicals and pesticides that may be on the skin of the fruit.IMG_9314Place the cut rhubarb in a medium bowl and add the sugar and tangerine juice.   Stir the ingredients together until thoroughly combined. Macerate the rhubarb in the sugar-tangerine juice mixture for up to several hours.  Stirring to combine every hour.FIXED IMG_9476Prepare this frangipane, almond cream, recipe. Add the zest of 1 tangerine to the frangipane and stir until incorporated. IMG_9322Egg wash the tart with 1 beaten egg white.  This step creates a seal that acts as a barrier between the filling and the crust, and serves as an additional layer of protection impeding any potential sogginess. FIXED IMG_9484Fill the tart shell with the frangipane.FIXED IMG_9503Pour the macerated rhubarb into a sieve with a medium size pot underneath to catch the juice.  Gently layer the rhubarb on top of the frangipane as shown below or in any decorative pattern you would like.FIXED IMG_9523Bake the tart at 375 degree for 35-45 minutes until the filling is golden, tart edges are golden brown and the middle is firm to the touch. Allow to cool completely before removing from the tart pan. 

While the tart is cooling, place the macerating liquid on the stove and cook down on low heat until approximately half of the volume has evaporated and you have a syrup consistency, about 10-15 minutes.FIXED IMG_9531Very gently brush the top of the tart with the syrup, just barely touching the surface of the tart to avoid breaking it up.  Cool the tart completely and serve.FIXED IMG_9606The only thing that you need now is a fork in your hand.IMG_9656

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